Site Regulations

The Site Regulations document specifies rules of order, sales and delivery of products offered by the online store
CIRIANA, operating under the internet address
Placing the order is unequivocal with accepting all provisions and information The Site Regulations contain.


 1.  The online store CIRIANA available under the
Internet address, is owned and run by CIRIANA Zofia Żelichowska-Walczak, with a registered office in Rynia, ul. Główna
1C lok. 8, 05-127 Białobrzegi, Poland, recorded in the Register of Entrepreneurs run by the President of the Capital City of Warsaw under the number 456894, with REGON: 141165536 and NIP: 9481582887 and is called hereinafter the Store.

2.  Sales of goods in the Store is organised online via Internet in a form of a contract being concluded remotely between the Store and a buyer, called hereinafter the Client.


1.    Orders are taken in
for execution by the Store after the Client has filled-in and submitted the Order Form placed on the Store’s web page.   
2.    Orders are taken in for execution every day, 24hours, throughout the whole calendar year.  The execution date of an order placed on Saturday or any statutory day off  starts to be valid on the first following working day.   
3.   Accepting  the order for execution by the Store is done
upon the Client’s  correct filling-in of
the Order Form.  
4.    In case of stating incorrect, incomplete or erroneous data by the Client, the Store calls the Client to correct or amend them within 2 (two) calendar days. If the Client does not correct or amends the data within the given 2 calendar days, the Store has the right to abandon the order execution.
5.    Placing the order by the Client is confirmed by e-mail sent by the Store, which contains details
of the order and all necessary information required for its execution.   
6.    Payment is due within 5 (five) calendar days. If the payment is not done within this deadline, the order is cancelled. The payment day is considered to be the day of the payment arrival to the Store’s back account.
7.    Order starts to be executed by the Store as soon as the payment arrives into the bank account.
8.    Order execution is done within 6 (six) working days after the payment arrives to the Store’s bank account unless it is agreed individually between the Client and the Store.
9.    In case of circumstances which unable a complete or partial order execution, the Store informs the Client. The Client has the right to withdraw the order or its part. In case of withdrawal of already paid order the Client’s payment made for
non-purchased goods is returned to the Client’s bank account.


1.    All prices presented on the Store’s web pages are
gross amounts, containing VAT and are given in two curriencies: euro and Polish Zloty.
2.  The price of each product is binding at the moment of placing the order by
the Client.   
3.   The Store  has the right to change the offered assortment,
prices of products, to start and close promotional campaigns on the Store’s web
pages, as well as to introduce changes to them. Price changes do not affect
orders placed before the change has been introduced.
4.   Shipping cost is
added to the total value of each order and it depends on a delivery method
selected by the Client (see § 4 p.2).
5. The Client pays for the ordered goods selecting one of the options: payment
by cash (available only when local pickup in a showroom  is selected) or payment via SKRILL, an online payment system, which enables money transfers or credit card  payments.
6. Money transfers accepted by the Store
are the so-called quick transfers, enabled by the SKRILL system. After selecting this form of payment the Client is redirected to a website of a bank
chosen from the list to make the money transfer. The Store does not accept traditional money transfers.
7.  Together with the purchased product the Client receives a purchase confirmation receipt.
Upon the request of the Client the Store issues an invoice.
8. The Client purchasing goods in the Store accepts
issuing electronic invoice without a signature.


1.    Shipment of the goods is organised within 1-6 working days from receiving payment from the
Client. The Store informs the Client about sending the ordered goods with a separate
e-mail, which contains the shipping number. 

2.    Shipping cost is added to the total order value according to the following table:
Shipment metod/ Cost

Local pick-up in showroom 0 PLN

Standard shipping in Poland  17 PLN

Standard shipping in Italy 8,5 EUR

International delivery 25 EUR

3. The Store does not send COD (cash on delivery) parcels. 


1. In compliance with the provisions of the act of 2nd March 2000 „On the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on
the Liability for Damage Caused by a Dangerous Product”, the Client who purchased the goods by concluding a contract with the Store may withdraw from
it without giving reasons by way of an appropriate written statement,
within the period of 14 (fourteen) days from
the conclusion of the contract, i.e. from receiving delivered goods. In order to keep the deadline it is enough to submit to the Store a written statement within the given timeframe.
2. The withdrawn goods must be returned to the Store in original packaging, must not be used,
worn or damaged. The original labels identifying the product must be still attached to the product. The withdrawn product must be sent back to the Store together with the Withdrawal Form, which is always delivered to the Client together with an ordered product.   
 3.  The withdrawn goods must be sent back to one of the following Store addresses:
in Poland: CIRIANA, ul. Wiertnicza 104, 02-952 Warszawa, Polska
in Italy: CIRIANA, via Atenide 21B, 00125 Roma, Italia
4. The sales price and the delivery price incurred by the Client is paid back by the Store by a transfer of money to the Client’s bank account immediately upon receiving the withdrawn goods.


1.    If – upon receiving the ordered goods - the Client discovers that the products do not comply with the order, especially with regards to product type, colour or size or if it contain defects, the Client should contact the Store to agree the way of resolving the complaint. All the complaint cases are dealt with within 7
(seven) working days since the date of notification.
2. The Store does not accept COD (cash on delivery) parcels.


1.    By placing an order the Client consents to have his/her personal data being processed for the purpose of order execution.
2.    The Store does not entrust Client’s personal data to third parties.
3.   The Store has the right to send the Client e-mails connected only with the Store’s activity and only upon the Client’s consent.
4.    For all matters not settled with the herein Site Regulations, provisions of Civil Law and of of the
act of 2nd March 2000 „On the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on the Liability for Damage Caused by a Dangerous Product” shall apply.