Dress with a tail
130.00 100.00 €
Available sizes (Italian size table) - 4042444648
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An original dress made of a soft fabric looking like eco leather. Vertical cuts ensure a slimming effect. Shortened front exposing knees, tailed rounded back. A short sleeve forms a flower cup with softly falling petals. Back zip, lining. Colour: cream with a shining effect. Composition: 70% cotton, 30% polyester.
The dress surprises with its fabric, which despite its resemblance to eco leather appears to be soft in touch. A trapezium construction makes this dress easily fitting to practically any figure. The dress exposes and optically lengthens legs hence to achieve best results it is recommended to wear it with high-heeled shoes. An exceptional shape of sleeves makes this outfit extra feminine, light and adorable. Its light shade material screams for pronounced accessories of vivid colours.