Run away and make it slow!

Escape, the recent campaign of Ciriana, is a slow fashion manifesto. In the era of ubiquitous unisex or “postgender” uniforms that define the new millennium Ciriana dares to challenge the mainstream with sweetly feminine and subtly provocative looks.

Can you escape from everyday routine of safely grey yet comfortable athleisure - more and more absorbed by smart-ish dress codes of offices and theatres worldwide? Yes, you can! Put your high heels on and run!

In Escape dresses you are not blending with crowd’s popular outfits. Neither are you blazing with intense neon colours to get all eyes on you. What works to brilliantly accentuate your skin tone and enhance your beautifully deep-set eyes are delicate lemon yellows, creams and pinks, a toned light salmon and the queen of feminine colours - sky blue.

This season Ciriana reveals that it is not a black but a cream white rather that flatters your summer tanned body and that a minimal bow tie might be a giant provocation by how it revives schoolgirl memories and youth associations.

This Spring/ Summer is the time of elegant or even prudish bodices and smart necklines with ties contrasted with light leggy skirts: ultrashort, cut with slits or translucent.

Modern fabrics, including pure wools, are tested not to wrinkle since this collection offers not only dresses for occasions but daywear as well.

In Thelma and Louise the girls clad in jeans and tees were running away from their lives. We are escaping from jeans and tees to become women again.