A strong-willed woman, autonomous and independent, a pioneer and an inventor, determined to strive for high performance and to achieve, the woman who marches forward, paving her own way, followed by both male and female admirers attracted to her spirit and values – this is our ELECTRIC WOMAN.

This season Ciriana uses her impeccable elegance to influence others, to be noticed, to be heard and to electrify with the power of her femininity. The ELECTRIC WOMAN ignites imagination with sophisticated simplicity of her jacquard trousers combined with a satin blouse. She skillfully plays with understatement of subtly translucent chiffon dresses. She creates a desired impression with details like fur collars and bow ties.

The ELECTRIC WOMAN of Ciriana is modern and feeling young. You customize your clothes and you look always fresh and intriguing, never dull. You feel like going out to electrify the world with your high-voltage spirit.